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Secoto Background

Eco Sports Club

Sustainable Environmental Conservation Tournament- SECOTO is a new global program established by  Eco Arts Initiative and powered by SECOTO-UAE, to empower young people to advocate for environmental protection and assist a new, talented generation in Sports, and arts through promoting a sense of earth stewardship via UN Sports for Climate and stabling environmental Clubs into Eco Sports Clubs as the key of sustainable development and youth empowerment program approach the community.

It started official in COP28 UAE in December 2023 in Dubai, is centered around four key sports disciplines: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, handball, and entertainment, all working towards the theme of Engaging Young People in Conservation for Sustainable Development through Sports and Arts.“

With the catchphrase “We Play, We Connect, We Protect,” SECOTO has eight Mega continental sports events in conservation such as African Green Cup™, Asian Green Cup™European Green Cup™ Oceanian Green Cup™, American Green Cup ™, South America Green Cup™, and Eco Sports Cup-UAE and World Green Cup™  These mega sports event are subdivided in different tournament according the sports sector that has been identified during SECOTO international workshop which joint 121 countries from different continent

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The SECOTO is a unique Initiative that aims to raise awareness about climate change and promote sustainable practices across the World through sports and arts performances as well as Unify World young people to act on the climate agenda with the same spirit and strengthen empowerment program from the community to international.

Purpose and Goals

The primary goal of the SECOTO is to use the popularity of sports and entertainment as a platform to engage with a wide audience and spread messages about the importance of addressing climate change. By combining sports with environmental awareness, the events seek to inspire individuals, communities, and governments to take action towards a more sustainable future and inspire the other countries of the World

Format and Activities

Transform “sports club” to “eco sports club” and “environmental club” to “eco sports club”, participating teams not only compete on the Sports field but also engage in various activities related to environmental conservation. These activities include Eco tournaments, climate innovation exhibitions, tree planting initiatives, beach clean-ups, educational workshops on climate change, and sustainability practices in their community by increasing the endless of diversity Culture.