Establishing Environmental Criteria

Make sure the eco sports club ( team) is the team that has the initiative or will to create awareness about climate change and its players will be the young people who are ready to act on climate agenda in their community, hosting nations bidding to organize the tournament. These criteria should include requirements for sustainable infrastructure, transportation systems, carbon footprint reduction strategies, and other successful activities on the climate agenda to show the World.

Collaboration with Sustainability Experts in Sport and Climate:

SECOTO management works closely with sustainability consultants, experts in environmental conservation, and sports organizations with every category of sports to ensure that the tournament’s organization aligns with best practices in eco-friendly event management and sports guidelines and rules.

Global Outreach

To maximize impact, the World Green Cup™ and other SECOTO events will attract international attention and participation. By involving Eco teams from around the world and broadcasting matches globally, the tournament will raise awareness about climate change on a global scale.

Promotion of Sustainable Practices

SECOTO will actively promote sustainable practices among participating teams, fans, and organizers. This could involve initiatives such as carbon offset programs, waste reduction measures, and renewable energy usage, and all the team will play under the Eco sports club. The reward will be considered as a grant to act on the climate agenda in their countries.

Fan Engagement

Engaging fans in climate action is crucial for the success of the World Green Cup ™ and another event of SECOTO. Encouraging supporters to adopt eco-friendly behaviors, such as using public transport or carpooling to games, can significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint of the tournament. And recalling the fans to be responsible for climate action in their community including creating Eco Fans Clubs.

Partnerships with Environmental Organizations

SECOTO management will Collaborate with environmental organizations and NGOs focused on climate action can help amplify the message of sustainability promoted by the World Green Cup and Intercontinental Green Cup.

Legacy Planning

Develop a long-term legacy plan for the tournament to ensure that its environmental impact extends beyond the event itself. This could involve investing in local environmental projects or supporting ongoing sustainability initiatives through eco sports clubs. By implementing these strategies and emphasizing environmental responsibility throughout all aspects of its organization, the SECOTO will serve as a powerful platform for promoting climate action within the sports industry, music industry, and beyond.