Partnership with Secoto

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to consider partnering with us for the Sustainable Environmental Conservation tournament which is the only mega sports event on Conservation Named “SECOTO” ECO SPART CUP, Intercontinental Green Cup, and World Green Cup. Joins together 167 countries that are members of the United Nations, FIFA, and United Religion InitiativeURI to be held in UAE as the First edition and official inauguration as you will see it on the Calendar below.

SECOTO, ECO Sparts Cup, and Green Cup are set to be yet another exciting and memorable time of events bringing together young people talented in Sports and Arts, conservationists, tourism, Sports fans, and entertainment fans from around the globe. you will find different outcomes to partner with us, each with a unique impact designed to increase your activities on the Climate agenda and your owner’s way of being a strong partner of Sustainability.

Become a Partner

All nonprofit organizations working on climate agenda, Sports organizations youth empowerment programs, and health of well-being are invited to partner partners of SECOTO. This initiative is not only your best way to increase your activities in the world but also the best way to become strong partners in environmental health. Download brochure

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Become a Sponsor

SECOTO is Set to be another way for the private sector to show its potential and efforts to contribute to sustainability and seed brand awareness among sustainable markets in eco sports Clubs from 167 countries. And create your visibility in front of millions of people who have the spirit of saving the earth through Sports for Climate and eco-arts performances.

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Work with Secoto

Secoto Partners

SECOTO is a big, social and eventful project that will promote conservation awareness and sustainable development goals which will attract different categories of sponsorships from individual donations, civil society organizations, NGOs, government institutions as well private sector and other players who contribute to the promotion of sustainable development.