Youth Empowerment & Climate

Music, comedy, dancing Literature, fine arts, and visual arts have a big role in youth empowerment programs, and attract different youth in our social life to use the voice of artists raising new artists who have the mindset of saving the planet, is key of sustainable development and it will help also the young people to learn how their can shape their future through ARTS as well as creating awareness climate change through their Audiences. Arts remain the best ware to create awareness and to connect people with nature.

End of discrimination, and unlimited love create unite which is the weapon for acting on climate change with the same spirits, and endless culture. Meanwhile the culture and nature has a part of whole of Heritage.

Its difficult to tell the young people to conserve the environmental heritage while they don’t know what they are preserving.

SECOTO will promote cultural exchange in all mega sports events in case to conserve and preserve our heritage based on nature.

This will be another success in raising a new talented generation with no discrimination based on culture, region, or country.