Sport for Climate Change

Environmental Conservation

Engaging youth in activism activities is no longer a priority, but rather helping them become decision-makers. Many environmental organizations undertake various programs to raise environmental awareness, but the main challenges they are facing so far are the scope of their efforts, the clarity of their message, and the sustainability of the changes they aim to bring about in communities.

Sports is the most followed sport on earth, bringing together people of various cultures, religions, languages, and ethnicities. Over 4 billion people follow football and receives coverage from nearly 97% of the global media. This makes it a prominent marketing platform and a major sporting event for raising awareness, boosting visibility, and promoting sustainable tourism.

Famous and exceptional sports players have a powerful reach to a vast audience and they earn substantial income, which they can invest in various initiatives to support sustainable development. This makes sports the firm of generating income too. A Sports superstar can reach an audience of over 400 million people, who are eager to hear their voice or wear their jersey during games. If he /she uses his voice to encourage planting a tree, it is possible for at least 100 million trees to be planted globally for one voice.

Many of the youth wish to be a part of any sports sector but they do it for leisure, health, or career So SECOTO is using this opportunity to bring them together in their community by establishing Eco Sport clubs that will act on climate agenda and raising their voice in conservation in their community as well as develop their talent.

Youth empowerment and climate

Music, comedy, dancing Literature, fine arts, and visual arts have a big role in youth empowerment programs, and attract different youth in our social life to use the voice of artists raising new artists who have the mindset of saving the planet, is key of sustainable development and it will help also the young people to learn how their can shape their future through ARTS as well as creating awareness climate change through their Audiences. Arts remain the best ware to create awareness and to connect people with nature.

End of discrimination, and unlimited love create unite which is the weapon for acting on climate change with the same spirits, and endless culture. Meanwhile the culture and nature has a part of whole of Heritage.

Its difficult to tell the young people to conserve the environmental heritage while they don’t know what they are preserving.

SECOTO will promote cultural exchange in all mega sports events in case to conserve and preserve our heritage based on nature.

This will be another success in raising a new talented generation with no discrimination based on culture, region, or country.

SDG campaign

SECOTO will Raising understanding regarding the importance and requirements of the Agenda 2030 goals for Eco sports clubs, Identification of interfaces between the objectives and daily practice. So that every team will make awareness of SDGS according the problem facing their community not awareness only but become the first to act on them.